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Why McDonald's doesn't always hurt

HERE’S how you can have your McDonald’s, pizza or whatever it is without feeling guilty.

Speaking with some members, it is clear that meal prep during our busy lives can be difficult to manage. You’re working all hours, get home late and still have food to prepare and eat.

If you are dieting for a show, then all bets are off; you keep strict all the way through and pull out all the stops to prepare.

If, however, you are in your off-season, the months in which you are looking to make progress in terms of building muscle, then a little leeway can actually help.

Put it this way, some coaches would prefer you to be 90 per cent committed 100 per cent of the time rather than 60 per cent one day, 70 per cent another day and 50 per cent on bad days.

So if you are eating six meals a day and five of those are from what people general


ly like to call ‘clean food’ – chicken, beef, rice, whey etc – and you are struggling to get a sixth meal in, there is no reason why that cannot be a cheat meal, be it McDonald’s or whatever doesn’t have to be prepared by you.

Think about it; you are following your ‘clean’ diet 90 per cent of the time. One cheat meal per day is going to alleviate any urges for junk because it is factored in to your plan.

You are less likely to binge eat, or indeed go off-plan for days on end, saying those immortal words; I’ll get back on it tomorrow.

There are some very well-informed athletes worth listening to on nutrition if you have the time. One such guy is John Meadows, a competitive bodybuilder and well-renowned coach in America.

Have a look at his website at

Health Nutrition Fitness Customized Meal Training Plan Program Coaches Mountain Dog Diet

and also his informative YouTube channel at mountaindog1

*For online coaching and diet plan enquiries, DM Gary @fleetstreetphysique

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